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Elrich Trading

Added June 6, 2020
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Our Mission-Vision
WE are a micro business entity that provides solution for specialized products and services. Partnering with micro, medium, large and independent business manufacturers and sellers both local and international in promoting their products and services. We take pride in choosing the best products for the community to trust.

Our Solution
As a provider of specialized products in cleaning, hygiene and specialty items we proud ourselves to be an honest partner. We also find and create solutions to your requirements as the need arises to answer your pressing needs. We would like to offer you the best products we have for your needs.

Our Resource for Expansion
WE are a micro business entity that wants to offer partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers to distribute your products and services. We have a community based set-up in distributing our products and services in response to the challenges in the world of retail.

Location: Mataas Na Lupa
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Be guided with values of ethical business practices and social responsibility using this facility.

Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Fairness, Respect, Accountability, and Morality  – in all business dealings.

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